2018 RFP

In 2018, twenty-three (23) applications were received for the Federally Qualified Health Center Social Media Marketing Grants, which the Board of Directors discussed at their meeting on February 22, 2018. Of the 23 applicants, three IPHCA member community health centers were chosen:  Access Community Health Network, Howard Brown Health, and SIHF Healthcare. Funding in the amount of $60,000 total was awarded to support Illinois community health centers.

AccessAccess Community Health Network – $20,000
Distributing Social Media Campaign Messages

ACCESS Community Health Network’s 
(ACCESS’s) social marketing campaign hopes to engage primary care individuals without care in high need communities in Chicago with the purpose of becoming their medical home. Since a significant portion of these individuals are active on social media, ACCESS proposes a project using Facebook’s geo-targeting functionality. ACCESS will conduct and evaluate campaigns to target specific populations and the general population.



Howard Brown Health – $20,000
Expansion of Social Media Marketing
Howard Brown Health’s (Howard Brown’s) social marketing campaign plans to bolster existing patient engagement strategies for their 63rd St. location in Chicago, which traditional systems fail to reach, by creating videos focused on minimizing barriers to health care; building trust between the community and providers; reducing stigma surrounding chronic conditions such as HIV, diabetes and obesity; and providing easily digestible health related education.



SIHF Healthcare – $20,000
Expand Social Media Presence
SIHF Healthcare’s (SIHF’s) social marketing campaign seeks to produce video content to increase the probability that both new and current SIHF patients will learn more about positive health behaviors and increase their utilization of SIHF services. The goal is to engage patients through social media and enhance the ability for SIHF to attract and retain patients as the provider of choice in their communities.


Help Increase the Number of Lives Improved through ICHF Grant Funding
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