2016 RFP

The Illinois Community Health Foundation (ICHF) released an RFP for Federally Qualified Health Center Quality Improvement Grants. Grants aim to enhance technological and other resources to improve quality of care and disease outcomes at eligible organizations’ clinics.

Fifteen applications were received for the Federally Qualified Health Center Quality Improvement Grants, which the Board of Directors discussed at their meeting on February 11, 2016. Of the 15 applicants, three IPHCA member community health centers were chosen: Chicago Family Health Center; Crossing Healthcare; and, PCC Community Wellness Center.


chicagofamilyhealthcenter-e1497468534678.pngChicago Family Health Center – $16,600
Proposal  ¦  Final Report
Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Department
Chicago Family Health Center’s (CHFC’s) newly created Quality Improvement & Patient Safety (QI) department will allow CFHC to usher in a new level of superior care at five sites on the south and southeast sides of Chicago. During its first year of operation, the QI department will work with the Clinical Education department to focus on reducing the cost burden to CFHC and local hospitals by addressing measures relating to chronic illness. These efforts are part of our project aimed at advancing chronic disease management for our patients.



CrossingHealthCareCrossing Healthcare – $4,500
Proposal  ¦  Final Report
Diabetes Prevention Program
Crossing Healthcare’s Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) will effectively deliver type 2 diabetes lifestyle interventions to individuals at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The program will incorporate trained lifestyle coaches, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved curriculum, and group support over the course of a year, which will deliver evidence-based, cost-effective interventions for patients to prevent type 2 diabetes.



PCCWellnessPCC Community Wellness Center – $16,600
PCC Application  ¦  pcc-final-report
Quality Improvement Project
PCC Community Wellness Center’s (PCC’s) Quality Improvement Project will use care management to target individuals who access the emergency department with a goal of increasing access into a primary care home and decrease emergency department utilization. PCC’s performance improvement and care management departments work together to identify, contact, and connect with patients who are missing key preventive health services. Achieving these goals will thereby improve patient access to preventive care with a primary care provider while improving health outcomes.