About Us

Reflecting on Our Past

Since 2013, ICHF has awarded nearly $100,000 to support the improved health of underserved individuals throughout Illinois by providing grants to Illinois CHCs. Health centers are an integrated one-stop shop for patient care, offering medical, dental, mental health, pharmacy and other critical services all under one roof. ICHF awards to FQHC recipients have been used to support quality improvement, patient safety, diabetes prevention, dental expansion, population health management and communication.

Focusing on Our Future

Health centers have a strong, positive impact on the economy. The Foundation understands that health centers are an important economic engine for the communities in which they operate. Health centers inject around $800 million in operating expenditures into their communities, resulting in an overall economic impact of $1.48 billion and overall employment of 11,700. Although health centers typically serve more complex patients that are more likely to have chronic conditions, they perform just as well or better than other providers on key quality performance benchmarks. Health centers also frequently develop innovative programs to provide holistic care to their patients and prevent patients from developing future illnesses. ICHF plans to remain an active part in helping health centers provide this continued innovative care.

About FQHCs

Federally Qualified Health Centers, or community health centers (CHCs), provide comprehensive, cost effective and high-quality primary care services regardless of an individual’s insurance status or ability to pay. In Illinois, 51 health centers serve 1.3 million patients annually. Foundation grants awarded to health centers are well-spent. A recent 13-state study shows that Illinois health centers save 27% in total spending per Medicaid patient compared to non-health center providers. Illinois health centers provide care to 24% of the Medicaid population while utilizing only 2% of Medicaid dollars. The Foundation values health centers and their ability to consistently perform on a stretched dollar. Grant funding from ICHF is designed to aid health centers in their mission and duty to provide health care services to all.

Support Us

To support the one of a kind work of community health centers, additional donor support is needed. Become involved! Learn more about how your organization can directly support community health centers in their mission to provide innovative care to uninsured and underinsured individuals throughout the state of Illinois.